Effective Command Subscriptions

Subscriptions to access the Effective Command tools are available for

  • Individuals – who use the tools for their own development or maintenance of competence
  • Organisations – Who use the tools throughout the organisation, for the training, assessment, auditing or monitoring of their personnel.

An Effective Command assessment is based on assessing the demonstration of decision making behaviours throughout all phases of an incident, and as such it is wholly transferrable and International. As regardless of the incident management framework you use the tools crossover perfectly for individual competencies.

There are 4 levels of assessment

  • Operational –trucks leaders
  • Senior Operational – managers who typically respond to incidents in a car, and manage larger operational incidents – boots on the ground
  • Tactical level command
  • Strategic level – Emergency Operations Centre managerial tier.

Through the use of the tools, the decision-making behaviours demonstrated by the individuals are documented.

  • The assessment tools are all 100% admin free, as once you click submit the system automatically generates a certificate, records the scores in a database and writes training needs/feedback paragraphs for areas where the student has failed to demonstrate the desired level of competence.
  • The system also gives you an overview of your individual or organisational competence status, you can search and integrate the extensive data, either using the online database or by downloading to Excel.
  • The system uses a default pass-mark setting for the individual accounts or alternatively an organisation can set the pass-mark and can customise the assessment statements to suit the service requirements

The tools offer a complete ‘off-the -shelf’ solution, and can also be used via an app, which works independently of internet connectivity, enabling assessments to be completed in remote areas. Once you are back within a signal area, the data is uploaded to the database.

The tools are subscription-based, and the price depends on the size of your service.

Individuals subscriptions - £9.99 per month, payable by PayPal only.

For Service subscription prices, please contact me directly, as these differ depending on the size of the service and your requirements.

To give you a rough idea, in the UK an average service will not exceed 300 commanders.

300 commanders – annual subscription £5900.00 excluding any applicable taxes.